About Terminal Security Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2014, Terminal Security Solutions was created to provide customer service focused, manned security services coupled with tailored operating procedures, cutting-edge training programs, security equipment and the requisite oversight to operate in today’s heavily-regulated and face-paced cruise, port and cargo terminal industries.

One of Terminal Security Solutions’ greatest strengths as a company is that it is specialized, focusing exclusively on the maritime security business. But what truly sets TSS apart from its competitors is its Leadership and Management personnel, starting with its founding President,
Michael Lee. The Manned Security Services division is led by men and women with a wealth of diverse operational experience in the cruise, cargo and port industries. TSS seeks out Management personnel that are multidimensional, bringing more to the table that just law enforcement and security experience. And in the same vain, TSS’ Consultants and Instructors are industry professionals that have considerable experience in the implementation of security plans, not just an understanding of regulatory language. This brings great depth to our services, one that is greatly appreciated by our clients.


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