Manned Security Services

Terminal Security Solutions provides manned security services tailored specifically for the maritime industry, meeting the stringent federal security and training requirements set forth in the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) while providing unmatched customer service to its clients.

Manned security services include the recruitment, hiring, continuous training and direct management of TWIC-credentialed Security Officers and Supervisors whom provide the critical access control function that protects ports, cruise and cargo terminals, cruise and cargo ships and the passengers and goods that are being transported by them.

TSS prides itself in its people. Our management team consists of highly-qualified men and women with vast industry experience, serving as a value-added partner to a variety of discerning clients in the maritime industry.

As part of its service package, TSS has a large inventory of security equipment which includes, X-Ray machines, walkthrough and hand-held metal detectors, two-way VHF handheld radios, and a variety of other access control equipment and technology.

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